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flabber dabber ding dong
James ballington the third
bep bep beop
star war trilogy
boop boop bop beee
batman stole my train
bop dabber dee
beeeeeeeb beeeeeeb beeeep
the tooth fairy is real
Hitler stole your nutella
a dinosaur stole my chair
bee bebop beebee
that salmon stole my trombone
beeeeb beeeep beeeop
dr. evils gynachology lab
s o w l
an owl mugged me send help
Beeep Beep!
I'm getting killed by a snail
beep beee beepbeep
why does everyone keep stealing my stuff?
be be be be be-be beep
cats can be polar bears too
beep bebeep boop
y u do dis?
what would heimerdinger do if he was in our lane?
he'd kick an ass or two thats what heimerdinger do