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F17 experimental tests captions: Archaic and Class

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Statue of a kouros (youth), ca. 590–580 BCE. Attica. Greece.
Anavysos “Kroisos” Kouros, c. 530 BCE. Anavysos, Attica, Greece.
Polykleitos, Doryphorus, first century CE Roman copy of a Greek original from c. 440 to c. 435 BCE. Rome.
kritios boy, c. 480BC, Acropolis, Athens, Greece
Myron (Roman copy), Discobolus (Diskobolos), sculpture, Greek original from c. 450 BCE marble copy of bronze original. Measurements somewhat less than life-size. Found in Hadrian's villa near Tivoli in 1791, now in the Sala della Biga, Vatican
Exekias amphora side A: Achilles and Ajax playing, 540-530 BCE. Found Vulci, Italy.
Exekias, Neck-Handled Amphora: Ajax prepares to kill himself. c.540 B.C. Found Etruria, Italy.