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Tests Captions: Art of Ancient Aegean

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Dokathismata figurine, Early Cycladic (2800-2300 BC). Cyclades
“Keros Harpist”, c. 2700-2300 BCE, Cycladic, Keros Island
Pendant of gold bees from Chryssolakkos near Mallia, Crete, old palace period / pre-palatial period, c. 1700 BCE
Palace of Knossos plan in Old and New Palace Periods. c. 1900-c. 1400 BCE, Crete
Reconstruction of Knossos palace in New Palace Period. c. 1700-c. 1400 BCE, Crete
Minoan Palace, Hall of the Frescoes, Copy of a Fresco Depicting Women Dancing in the Sacred Grove of Knossos. C. 1600 BCE, Greece, Crete
Phaistos palace, plan, showing old and new palace periods. Crete c. 1900-1400 BCE.
Minoan Snake Goddess figurine. c 1600 BCE. Knossos.
Bull Leaping, Fresco, Knossos palace. Third palace phase. C. 1450-1375. Crete.
The West house, Akrotiri, island of Thera. Second Palace Period. C. 1650 BCE
Reconstruction of room 5 in West House, with fresco landscape of stream and animals. Akrotiri, island of Thera. C. 1650 BCE
Flotilla fresco. reconstruction South wall of room 5 of West house, Akrotiri. Island of Thera. c. 1650.
Reconstruction of the Citadel at Mycenae, Occupied c. 1600–1200 BCE. (walls built c. 1340–1200 BCE).
Dagger blade, c. 1550–1500 BCE. Mycenae, Greece.
Mask of “Agamemnon” c. 1600-1550(?). Mycenae, Greece.