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Final Spring 15: Definitions of some terms (extra)

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An external object, a thing which through its qualities satisfies human needs of whatever kind
Use value
The use of an object to a person. This varies from person to person and so cannot be inherent to the object.
Exchange value
The amount of stuff the object can be traded for. This varies with time and situation, and so cannot be inherent to the object either.
Labor value
The amount of time an average laborer takes to produce the object and the equipment required
En plein air
A member of the urban middle class, frequently with some implication of the values, outlook, considered characteristic of the middle class, e.g. as exploiting the workers, or concerned with the proper and the traditional.
The condition of the modern Western world, which emerged in the 19th C. from the advance of capitalism, global trade networks, and the Enlightenment.