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near disaster
always an inappropriate phrase about something bad happening
When speaking of a person feeling sick, the word is nauseous
new breakthroughs
breakthoughs are never old, so this is wrong
numbers in text
a 1,000 years is wrong; make it just "1,000 years"
not just an enemy, this word means an un-killable foe
hint, hint* proper spelling (not "numbskull")
a belly button, or an orange
having to do with ships
if you use none as singular, you cannot use a plural pronoun like "themselves"
in an "or" situation, one must not use a plural verb to describe the list
If one item in a neither/nor is singular and the other plural, the verb is singular or plural based on the last one
plural/verb agreement
if a sentence starts with a singular or plural noun in the subject, the pronoun must be singular or plural