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a visit to a place that involves a journey, for pleasure or a particular purpose
a journey for pleasure, during which you visit several different towns, areas etc
package tour
a holiday organized by a company at a fixed price that includes the cost of travel, hotel etc
a journey in a plane or space vehicle
a journey by boat for pleasure
a long journey in a ship or spacecraft
a journey across the sea, a lake, or a river
the act or activity of going from one place to another, especially places that are far away
1. A long and carefully organized journey, especially to a dangerous,unfamiliar place. 2. A short journey, usually made for a particular purpose
1. a short journey arranged so that a group of people can visit a place, especially while they are on holiday........ 2. a short journey made for a particular purpose
hitch hiking
travelling to places by getting free rides from drivers of passing cars
a journey to a place, and back again
a place where trains or buses regularly stop so that passengers can get on and off, goods can be loaded etc, or the buildings at such a place
conductor / guard
someone whose job is to collect payments from passengers on a bus
someone whose job is to carry people's bags at railway stations, airports, hotels etc
the cases, bags etc that you carry when you are travelling
booking office
a place where you can buy train or bus tickets
sleeping car
a railway carriage with beds for passengers to sleep in
a pilot who shares the control of an aircraft with the main pilot
a long specially prepared hard surface like a road on which aircraft land and take off
forced landing
a sudden landing done because of unforeseen consequences
crash / accident
an accident in which a vehicle violently hits something else
a woman whose job is to serve food and drinks to passengers on a plane or ship
economy / tourist class
the cheapest standard of travelling conditions on a plane, ship etc
if you are on ___ to do something, for example to travel by plane, you are on a list of people who may be allowed to do it if placesbecome available, for example if other people cannot use their tickets
a boat carrying people or goods across a river or a narrow area of water
a large boat with a sail, used for pleasure or sport, especially one that has a place where you can sleep
a large ship for passengers
a tall pole on which the sails or flags on a ship are hung
the outside top level of a ship that you can walk or sit on
cabin crew
the group of people whose job is to take care of the passengers on a plane
life belt
a special belt you wear in the water to prevent you from sinking
life jacket
a piece of clothing that can be filled with air and worn around your upper body to stop you from sinking in the water
to check-in
if you ___ at a hotel or airport, you go to the desk and report that you have arrived
to take off
if an aircraft ___, it rises into the air from the ground
to get a receipt
to get a piece of paper which shows that you have paid for something
to see sb off
to go to an airport, train station etc to say goodbye to someone
to reserve a cabin
to arrange for a cabin to be kept for you
to board
to get on a bus, plane, train etc in order to travel somewhere
to cancel
to say that an event that was planned will not happen
to land
if a plane ___ it moves safely down onto the ground
to get / go through the customs
to come successfully to the end of the procedure of customs
to set off
to start to go somewhere
to set out
to start a journey, especially a long journey
to head for
to go or travel towards a particular place, especially in a deliberate way
flight attendant
someone who serves food and drinks to passengers on a plane, and looks after their comfort and safety
to put up a tent
to pitch a tent