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in the same direction in which the hands of a clock move
the edge of a road, path etc
a line of traffic that is moving very slowly or not moving at all
moving in the opposite direction to the hands of a clock
a temporary arrangement on a road that is being repaired, that makes traffic travelling in both directions use only one side of the road
famous or interesting places that tourists visit
putting of a new surface on a road
to commit traffic offence
to break the traffic rules
money that you have to pay as a punishment
a place full of traffic
rush hour
the time of day when the roads, buses, trains etc are most full, because people are travelling to or from work
heavy traffic
a large amount of traffic
in / on the way
while going from one place to another
service station
a place at the side of the road where you can stop to buy petrol, food, and other goods
moving staircase / escalator
a set of moving stairs for people
to change buses
to get off one bus and get into another
to go as far as
to go the long distance
to get on / off the bus
to enter/leave the bus
to get in / out of a car
to enter/leave a car
to ride in a bus
to travel in a bus that you are not driving
to go sightseeing / sights
to go to visit famous or interesting places as tourists
to leave for
to go away from a place
to arrive in / at
to get to the place you are going to
to get to
to arrive somewhere
to change from … to
to get off one train, bus, or aircraft and get into another in order to continue your journey
to go to
to travel or move to a place that is away from where you are or where you live
to hire a car
to pay money to borrow a car
to catch / miss the bus
to get/not get on a bus before it leaves
to go / travel on foot
to walk somewhere
to cut across
to get from one side to the other
on / at the corner of
on/at a place where two roads meet
across the street
towards someone or something on the other side of a street
from opposite
from the opposite side, corner, edge etc of something
to turn left / right
to go in a new direction when you are walking, driving etc, or to make the vehicle you are using do this
around the corner
near the point where two roads meet
next to
very close to someone or something, with nothing in between
close to
not far from someone or something
to go straight on
in a direction that is not curved or bent
a short stay somewhere between parts of a journey, especially on a long plane journey