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Hotels. Holidays

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a place where a lot of people go for holidays
guest house
a private house where people can pay to stay and have meals
full board
a hotel offering ___ provides guests with all their meals
an area in an office, hotel, etc, where visitors or guests are received and appointments or reservations dealt with
a man who usually wears a uniform and works in a hotel, club etc letting people into the building, helping people find taxis etc
bed and breakfast
the providing of a room for a night and breakfast in the morning, for example in a hotel
continental breakfast
consisting of coffee and bread with butter and jam
bridal suite
a special set of rooms in a hotel for two people who have just got married
snack bar
a place where you can buy snacks or small meals
to pay in advance
to pay beforehand
a wide passage or large hall just inside the entrance to a building
half board
the price of a room in a hotel that includes breakfast and dinner
desk clerk
someone who works at the main desk in a hotel
a female servant, especially in a large house or hotel
English breakfast
a large cooked breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, toast etc
single room
a room for one person
twin room
a room for 2 persons with single beds
double room
a room for 2 people
family room
a room with enough space for several people
a set of rooms, especially expensive ones in a hotel
to complain to sb about sth
to say that you are annoyed, not satisfied, or unhappy about something or someone
to engage / take a room
to arrange for the use of; to reserve