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a machine with an engine that is used to take people or things from one place to another, such as a car, bus, or truck
a bus with comfortable seats used for long journeys
double decker
a bus with two levels
a vehicle for passengers travelling along metal tracks in the street
driving test
the official test that you must pass in order to be legally allowed to drive on public roads
driving licence
an official document that says that you are legally allowed to drive
someone who rides a bicycle
someone who is walking, especially along a street or other place used by cars
someone who is walking past a place by chance
a vehicle used especially for carrying goods, which is smaller than a truck and has a roof and usually no windows at the sides
the place that someone or something is going to
a piece of equipment that makes a vehicle go more slowly or stop
the part of a car or other vehicle that you press with your foot to make it go faster
aisle seat
a walkway between or along sections of seats, shelves, counters, etc
window seat
a seat beside a window in a bus, train, etc
asking for directions
act of asking people how to get somewhere
giving directions
act of telling someone how to get to the place of destination
baggage reclaim
the place at an airport where you collect your cases and bags after a flight
someone whose job is to drive a car for someone else
means of transport
a way of travelling, for example using a car, bus, bicycle etc