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out of the blue
unexpectedly; without warning
blessing in disguise
something that seems to be a problem at first, but that has good results in the end
go Dutch
to share the cost of sth with sb
now and again
from time to time; occasionally
at the drop of a hat
immediately; without hesitating
to hang out
to spend a lot of time in a place
asked people round
to speak to a number of different people in order to try and get some information
frowned upon
to disapprove of sb/sth; a serious, angry or worried expression on a person's face that causes lines on their forehead
to chill out
to spend time relaxing; to relax and stop feeling angry or nervous about sth  
socks off
to surprise or impress sb very much
a real eye opener
an event, experience, etc. that is surprising and shows you sth that you did not already know  
walk down the aisle
to get married
in a flash
very quickly and suddenly