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Driving ambition
something that you want to do or achieve very much
lay off
to stop employing sb because there is not enough work for them to do; make sb redundant
Decent living
to live of a good enough standard or quality
catch up with
1.to reach sb who is ahead by going faster 2.if the police or authorities catch up with sb, they find and punish them after some time
on the brink of
if someone or something is on the brink of a situation, that situation is likely to happen soon  
life revolve around
life move around sth in a circle  
light bulb moment
to have an idea suddenly, suddenly realize something
branching out
to start to do an activity that you have not done before, especially in your work or business ; diversify  
vocation; a type of work or way of life that you believe is especially suitable for you
fell into it
to start doing something by chance
On the face of it
used to say that sth seems to be good, true, etc. but that this opinion may need to be changed when you know more about it