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bring up
raise,rear; to care for a child, teaching him or her how to behave
slow down
a reduction in speed or activity
Attempting to attract the attention of other people, typically by disruptive or excessively extrovert behaviour
drum up
to try hard to get support or business
day off
n. a day when you do not go to work or school, because you have a holiday or cause you're sick.
delve into
to try hard to find out more information about sth
fly out of the window
to stop existing; to disappear completely
collar bone
either of the two bones that go from the base of the neck to the shoulders
yellow journalism
newspaper reports that are exaggerated and written to shock readers
miscarriage of justice
a situation in which a court makes a wrong decision, especially when sb is punished when they are innocent
(used especially in newspapers) a person who informs people in authority or the public that the company they work for is doing sth wrong or illegal
interactive whiteboard
A device which teachers use to display information to their classes
refresher course
a short period of training to improve your skills or to teach you about new ideas and developments in your job
dead giveaway
something that makes you guess the real truth about sth/sb
a person who leaves school or college before they have finished their studies
to appear somewhere again
play second fiddle
1. to be treated as less important than sb/sth; 2. to have a less important position than sb/sth else
controls itself
catch sb's eye
to attract sb's attention