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break away from
to escape suddenly from sb who is holding you or keeping you prisoner
take off
to leave the ground and begin to fly
run out of
to use up or finish a supply of sth
get off
to leave work with permission
a place where a road leads away from another larger or more important road
check out
to pay your bill and leave a hotel, etc
get around
to sightsee; travel ; to move from place to place or from person to person
set off
to begin a journey
fill up
to replensih ; to become completely full
check in
to go to a desk in a hotel, an airport, etc. and tell an official there that you have arrived
see off
to go to a station, an airport, etc. to say goodbye to sb who is starting a journey
touch down
to make contact with the ground as it lands
account for
to take a total; to ensure everything is in order
clamber in
scramble; to climb or move with difficulty or a lot of effort, using your hands and feet
double back
to turn back and go in the direction you have come from