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Phrases: Getting Around

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Odbočte vľavo.
Turn left. (pl. or formal)
Odbočte vpravo.
Turn right. (pl. or formal)
Choďte rovno.
Go straight on. (pl. or formal)
Zastavte tu.
Stop here. (pl. or formal)
Kam ideš?
Where are you going? (sg.)
Idem na letisko.
I am going to the airport.
Idem domov.
I am going home.
Ako sa dostanem do Bratislavy?
How do I get to Bratislava?
Idem autobusom.
I am going by bus.
Poprosím vás taxík pred Carlton k hodinám.
I would like a taxi in front of Carlton (hotel) by the clock. (pl. or formal)
Kde je nástupište dva?
Where is the track number two?