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I na a mugu.
They will hear it. (I'll greet them from you.)
Axa na axa kaadunkon kuuɲi.
Greet your household/family. (plural)
An na an ma kuuɲi.
Greet your mother.
A na a mugu.
He/she will hear it. (I'll greet him/her from you.)
An na an faaba kuuɲi.
Greet your father.
An na an yaqen kuuɲi.
Greet your wife.
An na an yaxarun kuuɲi.
Greet your wives.
An na an yugon kuuɲi.
Greet your husband.
An na an renmun kuuɲi.
Greet your children.
An na Yelimanenkon kuuɲi.
Greet the people from Yelimane. (singular)