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the day after tomorrow
pasado mañana; après-demain; übermorgen; depois de amanhã; dopo domani
the day before yesterday
anteayer; avant-hier; vorgestern; anteontem; l'altro ieri
working day
a day on which work is done
day off
a day when you are not required to work
break in the working week
all day long
todo el día; toute la journée; den ganzen Tag; o dia inteiro; tutto il giorno
next day
el día siguiente; le lendemain; am nächsten Tag; no dia seguinte; l'indomani
two days ago
dos días atrás; il y a 2 jours; zwei Tage vorher; há dois dias; due giorni fa
the day before
en vísperas; la veille; am Vortag; o dia antes de; il giorno prima
every day
cada día; tous les jours; jeden Tag; todos os dias; ogni giorno
A period of seven days beginning with Sunday or Monday.
last week
in the previous week
A publication that is published once a week.
every week
cada semana; chaque semaine; jede Woche; todas as semanas; ogni settimana
every Tuesday
todos los martes; tous les mardis; jeden Dienstag; cada terça-feira; il martedì