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coffee bar
el café; le salon de café; das Kaffeehaus, -er; o café; il caffè
A '''public house''', where beverages, primarily alcoholic, may be bought and drunk. Many pubs also provide food and/or entertainment.
el salón de té; le salon de thé; der Teesalon, -n; o salão; la sala
A female attendant who serves customers in a restaurant, café, or similar.
A man who works in a bar.
wine list
la carta de vinos; la carte des vins; die Weinkarte, -n; a ementa; la carta
to book a table
reservar una mesa; réserver une table; einen Tisch reservieren; reservar uma mesa; prenotare un tavolo
to make an order
hacer el pedido; faire la commande; eine Bestellung aufgeben; encomendar; fare un'ordinazione
culin: an alcoholic drink taken before a meal to sharpen the appetite
A small, light, and usually savory first course in a meal
to pay the bill
pagar la cuenta; régler l'addition; Rechnung bezahlen; pagar a conta; pagare il conto
to give change
dar la vuelta; rendre la monnaie; das Wechselgeld geben; dar o troco; dare il resto