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to go shopping
hacer compras; faire des achats; einkaufen gehen; ir às compras; fare acquisti
Searching for or buying goods or services.
to be open
estar abierto; être ouvert; offen sein; estar aberto; essere aperto
to be closed
estar cerrado; être fermé; geschlossen werden; estar fechado; essere chiuso
gift, present
el regalo; le cadeau; das Geschenk, -e; o presente; il regalo
shop assistant
An employee in a shop.
table consisting of a horizontal surface over which business is transacted
fitting room
a place where a person can try on a garment before buying it
to try on
probar; essayer (robe etc.); anprobieren; experimentar; provare
to fit
To conform to in size and shape.
price tag
The tag or sticker attached to a product, displaying its price.
relatively low in price or charging low prices
It's expensive
Es caro; C'est cher.; Es ist teuer; É caro; È caro
the act of paying to use something for a short time
to hire
engage or hire for work
on credit
a crédito; à crédit; auf Kredit; a crédito; a credito