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answering machine
A device that automatically records voice mail from unanswered telephone calls.
call, ring
la llamada; l'appel; der Anruf, -e; a chamada; la chiamata
to dial a number
marcar un número; composer le numéro; eine Nummer wählen; marcar um número; comporre un numero
not good
mal; mal; schlecht, Übel; mau; male
los ruidos; les bruits; die Störungen; as interferências; i disturbi
A person who receives something.
to pick up the phone
descolgar el teléfono; décrocher le téléphone; den Hörer abnehmen; pegar o telefone; alzare la cornetta
to hang up
To put up to hang
such that agreed to marry a given person
telephone book
la guía de teléfonos; le carnet de téléphone; das Telefonbuch, -er; a lista; l'elenco
From or in a nearby location.
concerning or belonging to all or at least two or more nations