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Any story told to excite wonder; common talk; the theme of talk.
the humanistic study of a body of literature
The originator or creator of a work, especially of a literary composition.
A fictitious name, often used by writers and movie stars.
contents list
Tabla de contenidos; la table de matières; Inhaltsverzeichnis; índice analítico; elenco dei contenuti
main character
el protagonista; le protagoniste; der Protagonist; o protagonista; protagonista
A person's own handwriting, especially the signature of a famous or admired person.
short story
A work of fiction that is shorter than a novel.
A work of prose fiction, longer than a short story.
detective novel
la novela policíaca; le roman policier; der Kriminalroman; o romance policial; romanzo poliziesco
poem, verse
al; le vers; die; ao; poesia , versi
a literary work based on the imagination and not necessarily on fact
science fiction
Fiction in which advanced technology and/or science is a key element.
aventuras; les aventures; Abenteuer; aventuras; avventure
educational literature
la literatura académica; la littérature didactique; die wissenschaftliche Literatur; literatura acadêmica; letteratura educativa
children's literature
la literatura infantil; la littérature pour enfants; Kinderliteratur; literatura infantil; letteratura per bambini