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The capacity to do work.
extension lead
el alargador; la rallonge; die Verlängerung; a extenção; prolunga
relating to or concerned with electricity
electric power station
la central eléctrica; la centrale électrique; das Elektrizitätswerk; a estação; centrale elettrica
electric power
la energía eléctrica; l'énergie électrique; der Strom, -e; a energia; potenza elettrica
to turn off the light
apagar la luz; éteindre la lumière; das Licht ausschalten; apagar a luz; spegnere la luce
to burn out
quemarse; être grillé; durchbrennen; queimar-se;
short circuit
an unintentional connection of low resistance or impedance in a circuit
broken wire
la ruptura; la rupture; der Riß; a ruptura; filo interrotto
colloquial: a contact lens
socket outlet
el enchufe; la prise; die Steckdose; a tomada; presa
A device to prevent the overloading of an electrical circuit.
la intensidad de corriente; l'intensité du courant; die Stromstärke; a intensidade; amperaggio
The amount of electrostatic potential between two points in space.
electrical device
el aparato eléctrico; l'appareil électrique; das Elektrogerät; o aparelho; dispositivo elettrico
to solder
To join with solder
soldering iron
A hand-held tool with a heated tip, used to melt and apply solder.
Generally accepted, used, practiced, or prevalent at the moment.