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Merry Christmas!
¡Feliz Navidad!; Joyeux Noёl!; Frohe Weihnachten!; Feliz Natal!; Buon Natale !
greetings card
la tarjeta de felicitación; la carte de veux; die Glückwunschkarte, -n; o cartão; biglietto di auguri
celebration, holiday
la fiesta; la fête; das Fest, -e; a festa; celebrazione, vacanza
national day
la fiesta nacional; la fête nationale; der Nationalfeiertag; a festa; giornata nazionale
a meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed
A very large meal, often of a ceremonial nature.
a special anniversary (or the celebration of it)
New Year
The first few days of a calendar year.
Happy New Year!
¡Feliz Año Nuevo!; Bonne année!; Frohes Neues Jahr!; Feliz Ano Novo!;
Christmas tree
an ornamented evergreen used as a Christmas decoration
A widely celebrated festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, incorporating various Christian, pre-Christian and secular customs.
la salva; les feux d'artifice; das Feuerwerk, -e; fogos de artifício; fuochi d'artificio
a man who has recently been married
to greet the guests
recibir a los invitados; accueillir les invités; Gäste empfangen; acolher os hóspedes; salutare gli ospiti
to receive gifts
recibir regalos; recevoir des cadeaux; Geschenke bekommen; receber os presentes; ricevere regali
an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present
to send a postcard
enviar una tarjeta; envoyer une carte; eine Karte abschicken; enviar um cartão; inviare una cartolina
to get a postcard
recibir una tarjeta; recevoir une carte; eine Karte erhalten; receber um postal; ottenere una cartolina
slices of bread that have been toasted
to offer
To propose or express one's willingness .
fun, merriment
la diversión; la joie , gaieté f; Freude , Fröhlichkeit f; a diversão; divertimento , allegria
taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music
to dance
move in a graceful and rhythmical way
A ballroom dance in 3/4 time.
A Standard ballroom dance in 4/4 time; or a social dance, the Argentine tango.