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Eating & Drinking

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a bottle of mineral water
Una botella de agua mineral; Une bouteille d'eau minérale; Eine Flasche Mineralwasser; Uma garrafa de água mineral; Una bottiglia di acqua minerale
las legumbres; les légumes; das Gemüse; os legumes; gli ortaggi
The seeds of this plant used as food.
I'm hungry
tengo hambre; J'ai faim; Ich bin hungrig; Estou com fome; ho fame
I'm thirsty
short: I feel a need to drink sth.
it's disgusting
es repugnante; C'est dégoûtant!; das ist widerlich!; está repugnando; Questo è disgustoso!
a server in a restaurant or similar
to taste
To sample the flavor of something orally.
an electric motor for starting an engine
I am vegetarian
Soy vegetariano; Je suis végétarien; Ich bin Vegetarier; sou um vegetariano; sono vegetariana
An eating establishment in which diners are served food at their tables.
can I have the bill, please?
¡La cuenta, por favor !; L'addition, s'il vous plaît!; kann ich die Rechnung haben, bitte?; Posso ter a conta, por favor?; Il disegno di legge , si prega !?
steak and chips
carne y patatas fritas; steak frites; Steak und Chips; Bife frituras francesas; bistecca patatine fritte
The flesh of an animal used as food.
to eat
To consume a meal.
A printed list of dishes offered in a restaurant.
we have made up our minds
Elegimos; On a choisi; Wir entschieden uns für; Escolhemos; Abbiamo scelto
A dish from which food is served or eaten.
A specific type of prepared food.
cutlery used for serving and eating food
utensil or tool designed for cutting
a piece of
un pedazo de ...; un morceau de …; ein Stück ...; um pedaço de ...; un pezzo di ...
A foodstuff made by baking dough made from cereals
scooped utensil for eating (or serving)