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drugstore (US)
A retail store, the main product of which is medications (usually both prescription and non-prescription), along with first aid and other similar products.
to sleep
To rest in a state of reduced consciousness.
too late
demasiado tarde; trop tard; zu spät; tarde demais; troppo tardi
I am unwell
Estoy enfermo; je suis malade; Ich bin krank; estou doente; Sto male
it is necessary, you must
Hace falta; il faut; muss; É necessário; occorre
can you help me?
¿Me puedes ayudar?; Est-ce que tu peux m'aider?; Können Sie mir helfen?; Pode ajudar-me?; Mi puo' aiutare?
to rest
To sleep; slumber.
roto; cassé; kaputt; quebrado; rotto
is it fixed?
¿ya está arreglado?; est-il fixé?; wird es behoben ?; é consertá-lo ?; sta bene?
Moving with great speed, or capable of doing so; swift, rapid
too cold
demasiado frío; trop froid; zu kalt; muito frio; troppo freddo
too hot
demasiado caliente; trop chaud; zu heiß; muito quente; troppo caldo
a system that raises the temperature of a room or building
air conditioning
An air conditioner or system of air conditioners.
it is very serious
es muy grave; c'est très grave; das ist sehr ernst; é muito grave; questo è molto grave