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Grammar - Part 20

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É o casal cuja filha teve um acidente
This is the couple whose daughter had an accident
É um instrumento com que estou muito satisfeito
It is an instrument which I am very satisfied
Em vendo o telejornal, come
He/she eats immediately after watching the news
Come vendo o telejornal
He/she eats while watching the news
Comprei uma tarte de maçã. Queres? Toma
I bought an apple pie. You want some? Have some
Se tiver costeletas de porco, levo cinco
If you have pork chops, I'll take five
Não lhe compres mais brinquedos. Já tem muitos
Do not buy him more toys. There are already a lot
Orgulho? Quem o não tem?
Pride? Who does not?
Deram-te convites?
Is what you have been given invitations?
Há bons programas na televisão?
There are good programs on TV?