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que cante
(that) I sing
que cantes
(that) you sing (sing.)
que cante
(that) he sing
que cantemos
(that) we sing
que canteis
(that) you sing (plur.)
que cantem
(that) they sing
que coma
(that) I eat
que comas
(that) you eat (sing.)
que coma
(that) he eat
que comamos
(that) we eat
que comais
(that) you eat (plur.)
que comam
(that) they eat
que parta
(that) I leave
que partas
(that) you leave (sing.)
que parta
(that) he leave
que partamos
(that) we leave
que partais
(that) you leave (plur.)
que partam
(that) they leave