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que seja
(that) I be (permanent state)
que sejas
(that) you be (permanent state) (sing.)
que seja
(that) he be (permanent state)
que sejamos
(that) we be (permanent state)
que sejais
(that) you be (permanent state) (plur.)
que sejam
(that) they be (permanent state)
que esteja
(that) I be (temporary state)
que estejas
(that) you be (temporary state) (sing.)
que esteja
(that) he be (temporary state)
que estejamos
(that) we be (temporary state)
que estejais
(that) you be (temporary state) (plur.)
que estejam
(that) they be (temporary state)
que tenha
(that) I have
que tenhas
(that) you have (sing.)
que tenha
(that) he have
que tenhamos
(that) we have
que tenhais
(that) you have (plur.)
que tenham
(that) they have
que faça
(that) I do
que faças
(that) you do (sing.)
que faça
(that) he do
que façamos
(that) we do
que façais
(that) you do (plur.)
que façam
(that) they do
que vá
(that) I go
que vás
(that) you go (sing.)
que vá
(that) he go
que vamos
(that) we go
que vades
(that) you go (plur.)
que vão
(that) they go
que fique
(that) I remain
que fiques
(that) you remain (sing.)
que fique
(that) he remain
que fiquemos
(that) we remain
que fiqueis
(that) you remain (plur.)
que fiquem
(that) they remain
que dê
(that) I give
que dês
(that) you give (sing.)
que dê
(that) he give
que dêmos; demos
(that) we give
que deis
(that) you give (plur.)
que dêem
(that) they give
que comece
(that) I begin
que comeces
(that) you begin (sing.)
que comece
(that) he begin
que comecemos
(that) we begin
que comeceis
(that) you begin (plur.)
que comecem
(that) they begin
que diga
(that) I say
que digas
(that) you say (sing.)
que diga
(that) he say
que digamos
(that) we say
que digais
(that) you say (plur.)
que digam
(that) they say
que possa
(that) I can
que possas
(that) you can (sing.)
que possa
(that) he can
que possamos
(that) we can
que possais
(that) you can (plur.)
que possam
(that) they can
que obtenha
(that) I get
que obtenhas
(that) you get (sing.)
que obtenha
(that) he get
que obtenhamos
(that) we get
que obtenhais
(that) you get (plur.)
que obtenham
(that) they get
que saiba
(that) I know
que saibas
(that) you know (sing.)
que saiba
(that) he know
que saibamos
(that) we know
que saibais
(that) you know (plur.)
que saibam
(that) they know
que veja
(that) I see
que vejas
(that) you see (sing.)
que veja
(that) he see
que vejamos
(that) we see
que vejais
(that) you see (plur.)
que vejam
(that) they see
que queira
(that) I want
que queiras
(that) you want (sing.)
que queira
(that) he want
que queiramos
(that) we want
que queirais
(that) you want (plur.)
que queiram
(that) they want
que creia
(that) I believe
que creias
(that) you believe (sing.)
que creia
(that) he believe
que creiamos
(that) we believe
que creiais
(that) you believe (plur.)
que creiam
(that) they believe
que tenha
(that) I hold
que tenhas
(that) you hold (sing.)
que tenha
(that) he hold
que tenhamos
(that) we hold
que tenhais
(that) you hold (plur.)
que tenham
(that) they hold
que traga
(that) I bring
que tragas
(that) you bring (sing.)
que traga
(that) he bring
que tragamos
(that) we bring
que tragais
(that) you bring (plur.)
que tragam
(that) they bring
que perca
(that) I lose
que percas
(that) you lose (sing.)
que perca
(that) he lose
que percamos
(that) we lose
que percais
(that) you lose (plur.)
que percam
(that) they lose
que leia
(that) I read
que leias
(that) you read (sing.)
que leia
(that) he read
que leiamos
(that) we read
que leiais
(that) you read (plur.)
que leiam
(that) they read
que cresça
(that) I grow
que cresças
(that) you grow (sing.)
que cresça
(that) he grow
que cresçamos
(that) we grow
que cresçais
(that) you grow (plur.)
que cresçam
(that) they grow
que valha
(that) I be worth
que valhas
(that) you be worth (sing.)
que valha
(that) he be worth
que valhamos
(that) we be worth
que valhais
(that) you be worth (plur.)
que valham
(that) they be worth
que venha
(that) I come
que venhas
(that) you come (sing.)
que venha
(that) he come
que venhamos
(that) we come
que venhais
(that) you come (plur.)
que venham
(that) they come
que peça
(that) I ask
que peças
(that) you ask (sing.)
que peça
(that) he ask
que peçamos
(that) we ask
que peçais
(that) you ask (plur.)
que peçam
(that) they ask
que sinta
(that) I feel
que sintas
(that) you feel (sing.)
que sinta
(that) he feel
que sintamos
(that) we feel
que sintais
(that) you feel (plur.)
que sintam
(that) they feel