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Grammar - Part 25

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Mandou regar as plantas
He/she was watering the plants
Ela fê-lo sair imediatamente
She took him out immediately
A mãe fê-lo estudar a lição
His mother made ​​him study his lesson
Foi operado ao estômago
He had surgery of the stomach (= he was operated on...)
Cortaram-me o cabelo esta manhã
I got a haircut this morning (= they cut me...)
Fritam-se as cebolas com azeite
It is onions in oil
Desejo-te muitas felicidades na tua nova vida
I wish you to be happy/be in your new life
Desejamos-vos muito boa sorte!
We wish you good luck!
Passei metade da noite sem dormir
I spent half the night without sleep
Comprei meia dúzia de ovos
I bought a half dozen eggs