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que fosse (ser)
(that) I were (permanent state)
que fosses (ser)
(that) you were (permanent state) (sing.)
que fosse (ser)
(that) he were (permanent state)
que fôssemos (ser)
(that) we were (permanent state)
que fôsseis (ser)
(that) you were (permanent state) (plur.)
que fossem (ser)
(that) they were (permanent state)
que estivesse
(that) I were (temporary state)
que estivesses
(that) you were (temporary state) (sing.)
que estivesse
(that) he were (temporary state)
que estivéssemos
(that) we were (temporary state)
que estivésseis
(that) you were (temporary state) (plur.)
que estivessem
(that) they were (temporary state)
que tivesse
(that) I had
que tivesses
(that) you had (sing.)
que tivesse
(that) he had
que tivéssemos
(that) we had
que tivésseis
(that) you had (plur.)
que tivessem
(that) they had
que fizesse
(that) I did
que fizesses
(that) you did (sing.)
que fizesse
(that) he did
que fizéssemos
(that) we did
que fizésseis
(that) you did (plur.)
que fizessem
(that) they did
que fosse (ir)
(that) I went
que fosses (ir)
(that) you went (sing.)
que fosse (ir)
(that) he went
que fôssemos (ir)
(that) we went
que fôsseis (ir)
(that) you went (plur.)
que fossem (ir)
(that) they went
que ficasse
(that) I remained
que ficasses
(that) you remained (sing.)
que ficasse
(that) he remained
que ficássemos
(that) we remained
que ficásseis
(that) you remained (plur.)
que ficassem
(that) they remained
que desse
(that) I gave
que desses
(that) you gave (sing.)
que desse
(that) he gave
que déssemos
(that) we gave
que désseis
(that) you gave (plur.)
que dessem
(that) they gave
que começasse
(that) I began
que começasses
(that) you began (sing.)
que começasse
(that) he began
que começássemos
(that) we began
que começásseis
(that) you began (plur.)
que começassem
(that) they began
que dissesse
(that) I said
que dissesses
(that) you said (sing.)
que dissesse
(that) he said
que disséssemos
(that) we said
que dissésseis
(that) you said (plur.)
que dissessem
(that) they said
que pudesse
(that) I were able (to)
que pudesses
(that) you were able (to) (sing.)
que pudesse
(that) he were able (to)