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Grammar - Part 27

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Quem vier será bem recebido
Those who come will be well received./He who will be well received
Os livros que elas lerem, requisitam-nos na biblioteca
The books they read, they will take them to the library
Comprarão os produtos de que precisarem
They buy the products they need it
Para onde for o João, vai a Maria
Where John go, go Mary/Mary go there
Repetirá tantas vezes quantas forem precisas
He/she will repeat as many times as is necessary
fale de quem falar
whatever the person he/she speaks
Estando os participantes esgotados, deixaram de correr
Participants were exhausted, they stopped running
Cantando, cantando, elas acabaram por acalmar as crianças
By dint of singing, they eventually calm children
Fosses lá que logo tinhas visto
If you went (e) there, you should immediately saw what happened
Se baterem à porta, vou ver quem é
If someone knocks on the door, I'll go see who it is