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Grammar - Part 40

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Rute, a sua mãe já comprou os óculos?
Rute is what your mother has already bought his glasses?
As quintas deles estão longe da dele
Their farms are far from hers
Este meu primo muito guloso é!
My cousin (who is here/I'm talking about) what he is greedy!
Uma sobrinha minha passou as férias connosco
One of my nieces spent the holidays with us
A mãe aperta-lhe os atacadores dos sapatos
His mother lace his shoes
O detective observava-nos os gestos
The detective watched our actions
Essa bagagem é tua ou é dele?
These bags are to you or him?
Tem os seus cinquenta anos
It has about fifty years
O antipático do teu vizinho!
Your unfriendly neighbor!
quanto a, relativamente a
in terms of