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Biochemistry and Metabolism

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Risk Factor
A factor that increases your chance of developing a disease
Used for energy storage/supply and structure in the body
Used for structure and transport (growth and repair) within the body. They make up enzymes, antibodies and most hormones
Used for membranes, energy supply, thermal insulation, protective layers, electrical insulation in neurones, and make up some hormones
Vitamins and Minerals
Form parts of some larger molecules and take part in some metabolic reactions, some act as coenzymes and enzyme activity
Nucleic Acids
Information molecules
Takes part in most reactions, provide support in plants, the solvent (medium) for most metabolic reactions, and transport
All the chemical reactions that take place in an organism
Metabolic reaction that builds smaller molecules into larger ones (eg muscle growth)
Metabolic reaction that breaks larger molecules into smaller ones (eg digestion)