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A 3-carbon molecule with three OH groups, which forms the backbone for all triglyceride molecules
Fatty Acids
A molecule containing an "acid group" (O=C-OH) and a hydrocarbon chain
A term given to fatty acids that contain no C=C double bonds
A term given to fatty acids that contain C=C double bonds
A glycerol molecule with a fatty acid molecule joined to each of it's OH groups by a condensation reaction
Ester bond
A bond between the parts of a triglyceride
Made up of a glycerol molecule, two fatty acids and a phosphate group
A type of lipid, made from four carbon-based rings
Familial Hypercholesterolaemia
A genetic disorder where cells manufacture and secrete and excessive amount of cholesterol
Polar molecule
A molecule which is slightly negatively charged at one end and slightly positively charged at the other
Molecules "sticking" together by hydrogen bonds. In the case of water, this creates surface tension.