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Average speed (m/s) =
Total distance (m) / Time taken (s)
Acceleration (m/s^2) =
Change in velocity (m/s) / Time taken (s)
Resultant Force (N) =
Mass (kg) x acceleration (m/s^2)
Weight (N) =
Mass (kg) x gravitational field strength (g = 10 N/kg)
Moment (Nm) =
Force (N) x Perpendicular distance from the pivot (m)
Power (W) =
Current (A) x Voltage (V)
Voltage (V) =
Current (A) x Resistance (Ohms)
Charge (C) =
Current (A) x Time (s)
Wavespeed (m/s) =
Frequency (Hz) x Wavelength (m)
Refractive Index, n =
sin (angle of incidence, i) / sin (angle of refraction, r)
Refractive Index, n =
1 / sin (critical angle, c)
Efficiency =
[Useful Energy Output (J) / Total Energy Input (J)] x100%
Power (W) =
Energy (J) / Time (s)
Energy Units (kWh) =
Power (kW) x Time (hours)
Kinetic Energy (J) =
1/2 x Mass (kg) x (Velocity, m/s)^2
G.P.E (J) =
Mass (kg) x g (10 N/kg) x Height (m)
Work done (J) =
Force (N) x Distance moved (m)
Density (kg/m^3) =
Mass (kg) / Volume (m^3)
Pressure (Pa or N/m^2) =
Force (N) / Area (m^2)
Pressure in a liquid (Pa or N/m^2) =
Height (m) x Density (kg/m^3) x g (10 N/kg)