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Quantities and Units

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Mass, m
Kilogram, kg
Distance, d
Metre, m
Displacement (vector distance), x
Metre, m
Speed, s
Metres per second, m/s
Velocity (vector speed), v
Metres per second, m/s
Acceleration, a
Metres per second squared, m/s^2
Force, F
Newton, N
Weight, W
Newton, N
Gravitational field strength, g
Newtons per kilogram, N/kg
Moment, M
Newton-metre, Nm
Momentum, p
Kilogram metres per second, kg.m/s
Voltage, V or EMF, E or potential difference, p.d.
Volts, V
Current, I
Amperes, A
Resistance, R
Ohms, Ω
Charge, Q
Coulomb, C
Power, P
Watt, W
Energy, E
Joule, J
Work done, W
Joule, J
Area, A
Metres squared, m^2
Pressure, p
Pascal, Pa or Newtons per square metre, N/m^2
Density, ρ
Kilograms per cubic metre, kg/m^3
Volume, V
Metres cubed, m^3
Temperature, θ
degrees Celsius, °C
Absolute Temperature, T
Kelvin, K
Frequency, f
Hertz, Hz
Activity, A
Becquerel, Bq or counts per second
Angle, θ
Degrees, °