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P1.1 Energy Transfer by Heating

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Infrared radiation
Electromagnetic waves between visible light and microwaves in the electromagnetic spectrum.
Give out radiation.
A substance that gives out radiation.
A substance that takes in radiation.
A substance that reflects radiation.
Material/object that conducts.
Material/object that is a poor conductor.
Free electrons
Electron that moves about freely inside a metal and is not held inside an atom.
Spreading out of particles away from each other.
Convection currents
The circular motion of matter caused by heating in fluids.
A liquid or a gas.
Mass per unit volume of a substance.
Turn from liquid into a vapour.
Turn from vapour into a liquid.
Temperature difference
Differance in temperature between two points.
The quantity of matter in an object; a measure of the difficulty of changing the motion of an object (in kilograms, kg)
Energy transfer
Movement of energy from one place to another or one form to another.
Specific heat capacity
Energy needed by 1kg of the substance to raise its temperature by 1 degree C.
Solar heating panel
Sealed panel designed to use sunlight to heat water running through it.
payback time
The time it takes to make savings that equal the total cost of installing an energy-saving measure such as double glazing.