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Fanŋen ji roono fonne fonne ya.
Water goes into the river little by little. (Proverb)
N wa telle sooninkanxannen xara.
I'm going to learn Soninke.
N wa sooninkanxannen xaranŋa.
I'm learning Soninke.
N ra wa fonne koono sooninkanxannen di.
I can say a little in Soninke.
N wa a mulla nan xara siri.
I want to learn.
N ma a faamu.
I didn't understand.
N nta fofo faamunu.
I don't understand anything.
N ma fofo faamu.
I didn't understand anything.
N wa mukku fonne.
I understand a little.
N wa fonne mukku.
I understand a little.