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Ke dingira sella.
Sweep this corner of the courtyard.
Kanberan sella.
Sweep the courtyard.
Nellen ŋa an na kanberan sella.
Sweep the courtyard in the afternoon.
Ri, an ga na soxubanfon yiga.
Come, when you've eaten breakfast.
An ga na soxubanyige, an na ri golli.
When you've eaten breakfast, come and work.
An ra wa yiraamun yanqini xunbane?
Can you wash the laundry tomorrow?
An ra wa a ɲaana ba?
Can you do it?
Yobo, n ra wa a ɲaana.
Yes, I can do it.
An ra nta a ɲaana ba?
Can't you do it?
Ayi, n ra nta a ɲaana.
No, I can't do it.