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Computer Hardware

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Clock Speed
This factor determines how many operations a CPU can carry out per unit time
"A single CPU may contain numerous individual processors, called ..."
Number system in base 2 that computers use to represent data and instructions
Type of non-volatile memory that holds crucial information such as the boot program
"Main memory of a computer that stores data, applications and the operating system whilst in use"
Term used to describe memory that requires power to maintain the data stored within it
Virtual memory
Type of memory that combines your computers RAM with temporary space on your hard disk
"A small, high-speed type of memory that stores frequently used instructions or data"
Part of the CPU that performs all of the arithmetic and logical functions
Control unit
Part of the CPU that co-ordinates the flow of data within the computer system
Part of a computer architecture that transfers data between different computer components
Central printed circuit board that holds the different computer components
Flash storage
"Memory type used by SSDs, USB drives and SD cards (derived from solid-state storage)"
Input Device
Any hardware device used to enter data into a computer system for processing
Output Device
Any hardware device used to present processed information to users
Secondary Storage
Non-volatile method for storing large amounts of data for long term use
"Category of storage device which involves the use of lasers to read and write data, e.g. CD, DVD"
Category of storage device which includes traditional hard drives and floppy disks
Solid State
Category of storage device that does not use any moving parts
A high-capacity type of optical disk pioneered by Sony for the storage of HD films and video games
"Mechanical device that is controlled by computers, e.g. robotic arm, motor"
"A device that can detect a physical property and records, indicates or responds to it"