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Operating System
A suite of programs that manage the computer as a whole
User Interface
The means by which a user can interact with a computer system
A small program designed to carry out a limited maintenance task
Memory Management
Software which automatically handles the changing memory requirements of programs
Allows users to communicate with a computer system using icons and menus
Security software
Generic software type which protects the computer against threats such as spyware/viruses
Network security tool which blocks unauthorised access while allowing outward communication
Utility which speeds up hard drive read/write access by moving files physically closer together
Custom written
Software that has been written specifically to meet the needs of a particular user or group of users
Off the Shelf
Software that is mass produced for a wide range of users
Open Source
Freely licensed software – the code can be read and modified by anybody
"Software without accessible source code, licensed under the exclusive legal right of the owner"
"The process of wiping and preparing a disk drive for new use, carried out by software"
Command line
"User interface which requires instructions to be written in text, one at a time"