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The Human Genome Project

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The human genome project (HGP)
The idea was to map the 25000 (or so) human genes
Predict and prevent diseases
an advantage to the HGP. This would help doctors know which genes gave people specific diseases.
Develop new and better medicines
an advantage to the HGP. this would allow tailor made medicines, specific to our diet or likely hood of diseases
Accurate diagnoses
an advantage to the HGP. If we knew the genetic cause of a disease, accurate testig would be a lot easier.
Improve forensic science
an advantage to the HGP. This would allow forensic scientists to produce an accurate DNA fingerprint of the criminal. If this match your suspect, they would defiantly have been present.
Increased stress
a disadvantage to the HGP. If someone knew that the were susceptible to a particular disease, they would be put under a lot of stress.
a disadvantage to the HGP. People with genetic problems could come under pressure not to have children.
Genetic discrimination
Insurance may be difficult to get. Also employment may become less likely.