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AOS 1 – Rhythm and Metre

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is the way different lengths of sound are combined to produce patterns.
· Metre
is a regular pattern of beats indicated by a time signature.
is the beat of the music. It’s what you tap your feet to! The rhythms can vary the pulse or beat will be steady
is the speed of the music, and in particular the speed the pulse of the music is beating.
very slow tempo
slow tempo
at a walking pace. (Medium-slow)
A medium tempo / moderate tempo
Fast tempo
Fast and lively tempo.
Very fast tempo
to get faster.
Slowing down the tempo.
flexible tempo
Simple time
each beat is divided into two equal parts.
Compound time
each beat is divided into 3 equal parts.
is 3 notes (or rests), all the same length, squeezed into the time of two.
when the weak (off beats) beats of the bar are accented.
Regular metre
a time signature where all the beats are the same length.
Irregular metre
a time signature where the beats are grouped together unevenly (5 or 7 beats per bar). Will have a lopsided feel and may not sound western.
Free metre
Where the music has no definite pulse or metre.
Drum fill
short drum solo in between sections of a piece.