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C1.3 Metals and Their Uses

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Rock which contains enough metal to make it economically viable to extract the metal.
Reactivity series
A list of elements in order of their reactivity, the most reactive elements are at the top of the list.
A reaction in which oxygen is removed (or electrons are gained)
The breakdown of an ionic substance by passing an electric current through it.
Blast furnace
The huge reaction vessels used in industry to extract iron from its ore.
Cast Iron
The impure iron taken directly from a blast furnace.
A mixture of metals (and sometimes non-metals).
An alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon or other metals such as nickel or chromium added.
Carbon steel
An alloy of iron containing small, controlled amounts of carbon.
Low-alloy steel
An alloy of iron containing small amounts (1-5%) of other metals.
High-alloy steel
An expensive alloy of iron containing relatively large amounts of other metals.
Stainless steel
A high-alloy steel which contains nickel and chromium. It does not rust.