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Guida galattica... Douglas Adams c3:33-35 ✓

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to favour, assist, encourage, support; to patronize, promote, advance; to accommodate, oblige (finance, banking); to prefer, favour, opt for; to give, favour, honour (trans.)
stroke, sweep, mark, line (of a pen etc.); conduct, behaviour, manners; gesture, impulse; part, piece, bit, length, stretch, distance; stretch, expanse; stretch, spell, while, period; passage; feature, trait, lineament, characteristic; tract (anat.)
whisper (person); whisper, rustle, murmur, hum, drone (ambiente sound)
to clear, lighten, brighten; to bleach; to clarify, settle; to thin (out)
bulldozer cingolato
caterpillar bulldozer, cat bulldozer, caterpillar, crawler bulldozer
fare causa a
to sue, take action against
counsel, advice, recommendation, warning, advice, caution ǀ judgement, wisdom, mind, purpose ǀ meeting, conference ǀ council, board, court, local authority
to fork out, shell out, pay out, disburse
to hang, string up
to disembowel, eviscerate, gut; to stab/to injure in the stomach; to demolish, gut (fig.)