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hi (with people you do or don't know - less formal than 'arrivederci', more formal than 'ciao')
Ciao, ci vediamo domani (vern.)
Bye, see you tomorrow (vernacular)
Allora io vado, buonasera a tutti (vern.)
I'm off, goodnight everybody (vernacular)
Meglio dormire adesso. Buonanotte!
Better go to sleep now. Good night!
Ci vediamo!
See you later! (some time in the future)
Allora a più tardi, ciao!
See you later! (later that same day)
Ti presento Gabriella
I'd like you to meet Gabriella (vernacular)
Mi permetta di presentarle Richard
Let me introduce you to Richard
Vi presento Robert
I'd like you all to meet Robert
Molto piacere, Emma
How do you do? My name's Emma. (vernacular)