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Sono d'accordo
I agree
Non condivido questa decisione
I don't agree with this decision (using 'condividere')
Ha ragione Matteo
Matteo is right
Credo che abbiate ragione voi
I think that you (pl.) are right
Per me Maria ha torto
I think Maria is wrong (using 'per me...torto')
Fai male a non ascoltarla
You (sing.) are wrong not to listen to her (using 'fare male')
Le va bene cenare alle nove?
Is it ok by you if we have dinner at nine? (vern. polite)
Le va bene alle due?
Is two o'clock okay by you? (vern. polite)
Ti va bene se ti telefono la settimana prossima?
Will it be okay if I phone you next week? (to a friend)
Vi va bene se restiamo d'accordo così
Would this arrangement be ok by you (people)?