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bello (agg.→sos.)
beautiful (adj.→n.)
breve (agg.→sos.)
brief, short (adj.→n.)
brutto (agg.→sos.)
bad, nasty, ugly (adj.→n.)
buono (agg.→sos.)
good (adj.→n.)
cattivo (agg.→sos.)
bad, morally bad (adj.→n.)
giovane (agg.→sos.)
young (adj.→n.)
grande (agg.→sos.)
big, large, great (adj.→n.)
lungo (agg.→sos.)
long (adj.→n.)
nuovo (agg.→sos.)
new (adj.→n.)
piccolo (agg.→sos.)
little, small (adj.→n.)
vecchio (agg.→sos.)
old (adj.→n.)