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ti invito a cena, Joe
I'm inviting you to dinner, Joe
La invito a cena, Signore
I'm inviting you to dinner, Sir
Invito te a cena, Ben
I invite you to dinner, Ben (stressed pronoun)
Invito Lei a cena, Signora
I invite you to dinner, Madam (stressed pronoun)
Li ho chiamati
I called them
non li ho chiamati
I didn't call them
gli parlo
I will speak to him (soon) (present tense - using weak indirect object pronoun)
Le ho detto una bugia
I told her a lie
Ho detto la verità a lui
I told him the truth (stressed pronoun)
Sto parlando a lui
I'm talking to him (stressed pronoun)
Vuoi delle mele?
Do you (sing.) want any apples? (Q.)
Ne voglio una
I want one (f) (of those) (A.)
Mangi la carne?
Do you (sing.) eat meat? (Q.)
Non ne mangio
I don't eat (any)
Ne hanno discusso
They talked about it
Talk to her about it
Te la presto io
I'll lend it to you (sing.) (fem it)
Glielo dai tu?
Will you (sing.) give it to her?
Te lo si legge in faccia
It's written all over your face
volevo regalarglielo io
I wanted to give it to her myself