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Egregio Sig. Rossi,
Dear Mr. Rossi, (formal)
Gentile Sig.ra Rossi,
Dear Ms/Mrs/Miss Rossi, (formal)
Egregio Signore,
Dear Sir,
Gentile Signora
Dear Madam
Egregi Signori,
Dear Sirs,
Distinti saluti,
Yours faithfully,
Caro Sig. Rossi,
Dear Mr. Rossi, (semi-formal)
Cara Sig.ra Rossi,
Dear Ms/Mrs/Miss Rossi, (semi-formal)
Cordiali saluti,
Yours faithfully (semi-formal), sincerely (Br.), Very truly yours, (US)
Caro Carlo,
Dear Carlo,
Cara Anna,
Dear Anna,
Cari Anna e Carlo,
Dear Anna and Carlo,
Carissima Laura
Dearest Laura, My dear Laura,
Carissimo Paolo
Dearest Paulo, My dear Paulo,
yours sincerely, yours, cordially, warmly
yours, yours ever,
con gli auguri più sinceri,
Best wishes, All the best,
a presto
Bye for now, See you later, laters
cari saluti,
With love from,
con affetto
Love, with affection
Lots of love, Much love, affectionately
kisses, xxx