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'madunnuzza biniditta!' (Sic.)
blessed little Madonna! (Sicilian dialect)
càlia e simenza
roasted chickpeas and pumpkin seeds, sometimes with peanuts
'L'è el dì di mort, alegher' (Milan.)
'It's the Day of the Dead, oh joy' (Milanese dialect)
pasta 'ncasciata
Sicilian pasta bake, pasta with tomato sauce, minced beef, Parmesan cheese and white sauce
chief magistrate in the Middle Ages, mayor in the Fascist period
calf's spleen sliced into thin strips and cooked in fat
pasta al forno
typically southern Italian pasta casserole dish - ingredients may include meat, eggs, vegetables, tomato or cream sauces
pasta con le sarde
Sicilian dish of pasta with sardines
purpi alla carrettera
octopus served in a sauce of olive oil, lemon and hot pepper
alalunga all'agrodolce
sweet and sour tuna
marzipan pastries filled with pumpkin jam and covered with roasted almonds